DNS filtering


  • Protect up to 3 home networks on single account

  • Protect all your Internet-connected devices & computers

  • Protect your computers off the home network with SafeDNS Agent

  • Protect your network from botnets, phishing and malware websites

  • Easy configuration via any IP or dynamic DNS service

  • Fine tune your filtering with three filtering profiles and black/white lists

  • Block unwanted ads (banners, context, video, pop-ups)


  • Protection of all Internet-connected devices & computers with any OS

  • Protection from botnets, phishing and malware sites

  • Support for static&dynamic IPs and third-party dynamic DNS services

  • Protection for off-network computers with SafeDNS Agent

  • Support for Active Directory resources

  • Fully customizable block page

  • Detailed reports and stats archive for one year

  • Stats export

  • Admin audit log