Extend /home disk volume for Centos7 WHM Servers

Here are the steps to follow to  extend the /home volume of a standard centos7 based Utixo VPS

  • Extend the physical disk via vmware console
  • Mount the GPARTED ISO, boot from the ISO and follow instructions to extend the disk
  • After partition extension detach the ISO and reboot the system
  • Access the VPS via console and login as root
  • To view the disk status : df -h take note of the name of the partition you want to extend
  • use the command: lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/cl/home or use the partition name as show in the df -h command
  • As we use XFS filesystem the right command is: xfs_growfs /dev/cl/home (or same partition name as previous command)
  • After that the partition have been extended

The procedure is only valid for Utixo WHM servers based on centos7


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