WHMCS AffiliateTools - Customisation and Translation

AffiliateTools is an add-on built to be customised to your needs.
All the interfaces, UI elements and texts regarding the module can be easily edited as HTML templates, or translation labels.

Templates customisation

All the templates can be found in the module folders, ./modules/addons/affiliatetools/templates/.

The default WHMCS affiliates page has been overwritten with a custom template which can be edited from the file ./affiliatetools/templates/client/affiliates.tpl

The templates for the Service Manager authorisation page (Service Manager Link) and Service Manager Details page can be edited from ./affiliatetools/templates/client/assign-agent.tpl and ./affiliatetools/templates/client/view-agent.tpl

The templates for the affiliates Log In as Client header and the My Service Manager panel can be found in the folder ./affiliatetools/templates/client/common/

When editing templates, make sure to keep the data placeholders (e.g. {$serviceManager.firstName}) and the language translation labels (e.g. {$addonlang.hello}).
You can also add additional translation labels and manage them from the translation files.

Language Translations

All the texts appearing in the AffiliateTools client interfaces can be modified by editing the language files.
The language files can be found in the folder ./affiliatetools/lang/. To add new languages, simply duplicate the ./affiliatetools/lang/english.php file and rename it the desired language, you can then translate all the language labels. When a translation label is missing, the module will always fall back to the English translation label.

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