CPANEL disk clean - How to free disk space

This article is for Utixo clients who have root access to their server and they need to clean up the disk and free some space.

There are a number of steps to perform to delete unneeded files.

  1. Delete user cPanel backups

    If you have the backup feature in cPanel enabled, chances are your users are storing the backups on the server instead of downloading and removing them. Use the following to remove those files:

    for user in `/bin/ls -A /var/cpanel/users` ; do rm -fv /home/$user/backup-*$user.tar.gz ; done
  2. Delete cPanel File Manager temp files

    When users upload files in File Manager within cPanel, File Manager creates a temp file that may or may not get removed upon upload. You can remove these files using this command via SSH

    rm -fv /home/*/tmp/Cpanel_*
  3. Clean the Log folder (/var/log/)

    There are many archive files that can be removed here, the folder contains all the logs of the different service installed
  4. Clean up Yum files

    Yum updates leave package cache files on the server. You can clean up all unneeded yum files by running:

    yum clean all
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