Exchange GAL separation with EMS

Procedure for Gal Separation no EMC


ou_name = organizational unit name
gal_name = gal name
attribute_name = AD attribute to assign users
domain_name = name of the domain

  1. Create New GAL
    New-GlobalAddressList “gal_name-GAL” -ConditionalCustomAttribute1 “attribute_name-CA” -IncludedRecipients “AllRecipients”
  2. Create New Address List(AL)
    new-AddressList -Name 'gal_name-AL' -RecipientContainer 'domain_name' -IncludedRecipients 'AllRecipients' -ConditionalCustomAttribute1 'attribute_name-CA' -Container '\' -DisplayName 'gal_name-AL'
  3. Create New ROOM AddressList
    New-AddressList -Name gal_name-ROOMS -RecipientFilter {(Alias -ne $null) -and (CustomAttribute1 -eq "attribute_name-CA") -and (RecipientDisplayType -eq "ConferenceRoomMailbox") -or (RecipientDisplayType -eq "SyncedConferenceRoomMailbox")}
  4. Create New Offline Address Book (OAB)
    New-OfflineAddressBook -Name gal_name-OAB -AddressLists “gal_name-GAL”
  5. Create New Address Book policy (ABP)
    new-AddressBookPolicy -Name 'gal_name-ABP' -GlobalAddressList '\gal_name-GAL' -OfflineAddressBook '\gal_name-OAB' -RoomList '\gal_name-ROOMS' -AddressLists '\gal_name-AL'
  6. Assign Custom attribute to Users in AD
    Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit “ou_name” | Set-Mailbox -CustomAttribute1 “attribute_name-CA”
  7. Apply Address Book Policy To User Accounts
    Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit “ou_name” | Set-Mailbox -AddressBookPolicy “gal_name-ABP”


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